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what is it?

A high-flying staple of the circus arts! Add unparalleled luxury and elegance to your event.

is it for me?

Only if you dream of curating an event your guests will never stop talking about! From a show-stopping choreographed piece to ambient atmospheric entertainment, a diverse menu of aerial services will take your event to the next level!

Tell me more!

A variety of different apparatuses means there's an option for almost any event- indoors or out!


A woman in a lace costume hangs from aerial silks

aerial performance

Lyra (aerial hoop) and silks (fabric) are popular choices for any event!

A woman in a gold outfit pouring a champagne tower from a lyra

champagne toasts

Let your cup runneth over with this signature champagne tower, poured heels-over-head!


champagne fountains

Human champagne fountain, that is. Guests can stop by for some bubbly, poured from atop the lyra!

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